A livejournal community created after one too many hilarious away messages by Mr. Wentz himself.

Mostly contains jokings upon his teeth, and random banners made from horrible photos.

Pretty much famous.

Affiliated with:

Currently 49 members shy of 1,000.
1)VIAWENTZTOP is a gang, yo.

2)Oh yeah, we WENTZ there.

3)Pete Wentz doesn't care about VIAWENTZTOP.

by WENTZGURL3000 January 04, 2006
Top Definition
Pronunciation: vee-uh-wentz-top

Noun: The best livejournal community in the history of forever. The group of mafia girls love/hate Pete Wentz, bass player for Fall Out Boy. They poke fun at him (while mocking the obnoxious fangirls), but are oddly protective of him as well. Pete still doesn't like them. =/

Verb: To vandalize or harass a person, place, or website with Viawentztop slogan.
Past Tense: Viawentztop'd
Noun: "I totally love viawentztop!"

Verb: "We viawentztop'd the bathroom at school. Fans gotta represent."
by Do The Bullwinkle April 01, 2006
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