VI is also the Roman numeral for "six." In Latin, the word for six is "sex." In the U.S., sex does not mean six; it refers to bangin', or layin' the pipe.
I'm in the club with my homies tryin get a lil V-I... -Usher "Yea"
by TLP Nightwatcher October 08, 2004
vaginal intercourse
from the usher song "yeah"
trying to get a little v-i
by stanelton January 06, 2009
v i
An acronym meaning "Vaginal Intercourse" sometimes used in online chatrooms instead of the many alternatives.
so me and her were havin fun with v i when her dad walked in the room all pissed.
by Dr4T7 February 15, 2006
Visitation in prison or jail
"Give a nigga up north some ass on a V.I."

Ryde or Die- The LOX
by DroVA August 17, 2009
VI is an acronym for Vaginal Intercourse.. Sex. Duh.
"was in the club wit ma homies, tryin to get a lil VI but keep it down on a low key, cuz you know how it feels" (Usher - Yeah)
by joho333 June 27, 2010
"...up in the club with my homies,trying to get a lil V-I..."
vag - inter
by sam G May 19, 2004
To be Beautiful, Cute and Adorable flawlessly with seamless transition.
You are so Vi..
by A Smart Idiot July 22, 2014

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