Simply put: Trash. Well, They do have some good top ten music previews, but all of their reality shows are pure trash. most of the people on the shows act like they live in the urban/uptown areas or are from a completely different country (imports). In most of the shows like rock of love, I love money and charm school, they often have the following in common:

-stupid, territorial, woman with big boobs in low cut/skin tight shirts/skirts (see trashy or ghetto).
-rich male hosts who are often players and music producers (not many people know them though). They often enjoy it when the girls they are hosting with fight and then toss them away when they no longer can get any in between episodes.
-TV Time
-The cliche's: "I'm so confused", "I'm here to win", "I will do everything I can to make you feel better", "Time to be exposed", "I dunno what im gonna do", "I really wanna get to know (insert host name here)", "omg im going home tonight", "she/he should go home", "I'm not here for friends," or "I'm here for (insert host name here)".
-rap/music producers who host the shows suck sooo bad.
-All the people on the shows have a fake "username" describing their personality.
-Unnecessary profanity? (probably to make it seem real)
-Little "shocker cutscenes" that appear every time someone says an offensive line or pun.
-Fighting, but ONLY between woman (the guys on the shows like I love money never fight)
-Lot's of alcohol trashed up to look like expensive wine.
-Most of the shows have the word "of love" in it and the titles look like they were made in photoshop.
-Are interchangeable with each other and often trade characters
-Everyone is forces to live together in a mansion of some sort... Of course for more drama given that they are only supplied limited resources.
-Guy 1: Turns to VH1

-Guy 2: "Ugh dude not again..."

-Guy 1: "What's wrong with VH1"

-Guy 2: "Dude it's fake. Everyone on that channel has an IQ of a squirrel and the chicks look like rejected imports from my old playboy magazine. You know those 'dating' shows are based off of Polygamy right?"

-Guy 2: "Woah dude omg! Check out that girls boobs! I'd tap that!"

-Guy 1: "Nevermind... I'ma go get something out of the fridge. You want somethin?"

-Guy 2: "Yeah just hand me my bag of nuts from that tree in our yard. I saved them from last spring!!!"
by Gigafrost March 22, 2009
A channel that used to be the superior music channel on TV, but has degenerated into a horrible ripoff of MTV, turning into an inane mass of awful reality shows involving celebrities that nobody has ever heard of, largely watched by mindless, slutty bubblegum-chewing 13 year old girls.

There are three types of shows on VH1 nowadays. First, the wacky life of a celebrity as he goes about his daily business with his entourage, who don't appear to have any responsibility other than to ride the celebrity's coattails where ever he goes and use his stuff. The drama in these shows consist of arguing about which person living in their house ate the celebrities paperbagged lunch in the fridge, when he CLEARLY marked his name on it. Next, the wacky reality show where celebrities get together and take do various things, such as going through rehab and losing weight, while making fun of them each step along the way. For example, when Steven Adler, trying to stay clean from heroin which has controlled and ruined his life for the last 25 years, has a scary and sad relapse on the show Sober House, VH1 calls it a "wild adventure" even though he was so fucked up he couldn't open his eyes or stop shaking. Classy. Then, there's the wacky show that shows a celebrity's search for a trophy wife, which is narrowed down to 12 questionably attractive golddiggers searching for an endless supply of money and a powerful man. This currently consists of at least half of the shows currently airing on VH1.
Jack: Man, I'm in the mood for some music, lets turn on VH1
*I Love New York comes on*
Jack: What the fuck is this? A spinoff of a reality celebrity dating show where the celebrity is a contestant from a previous celebrity dating show that didn't win? This blows!
by jesterATP November 26, 2009
A "music" channel that has suddenly turned to pop culture and shows that nobody could give a crap about. All they do anymore is interview D-LIST celebrities like Kathy Lee Griffin and magazine editors about where Jay-Z gets his haircut and why Harry and the Hendersons was the greatest movie of all time. This channel is pathetic!
Vh1= propaganda and/or wishing you had the last 1/2 hour of your life back.
by D-Scan June 01, 2005
a tv channel where ugly F-list white women suck up to ugly A-list white women nonstop.
oh goodie, 100 Greatest Flat Asses is coming up next on VH1.
by Grant Hill July 22, 2006
The television station that is 100% opinionated when it comes to "facts" they talk about on tv, when really it's all what the producers think.
"Awesomely Bad Videos," "Awesomely Bad Love Songs," etc...
by Katopolis February 14, 2005
A channel that used to play old people music.

Just like MTV (All talk and hardly any music).
I guess all the old people finally killed over...thats why they've changed formats and went all "hip" gearing towards younger people.
by I forget January 09, 2004
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