Short for veteran newbie. Someone who has a lot of experience, but still acts like a total idiot who knows absolutely nothing.
OMG stop acting like n00b you vewb!
by Berni May 09, 2008
Top Definition
Vewbs, also called voobs, are gifs that primarily showcase boobs, or bewbs, as they are sometimes called that are worth watching in a loop for extended periods of time. For longer versions of vewbs, see porn.
Ignorant vewbtuber: "Hey Jim, look at those titties bounce!"
Jim: "Those aren't just any old titties, those are vewbs, man."
by Voobtuber October 27, 2013
An American rapper who is relatively unknown.
Did you just hear Mr.Vewb kick that freestyle, it was so dope.
by jba1me July 23, 2011
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