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When your driving a vette and you notice other vette drivers giving you the thumbs up or a wave.

Your at the store, gas station, and you get random people talking to you about your vette.

You driving and you see chicks staring at you. Even if they are with there boyfriends.

Newer Corvettes mostly 2005 and newer. C6 models.
Can also work with a clean older vette.

Mikeyy. Hey Eric have you noticed anything different driving around in your new vette? cuz I sure did
Eric. Hell yeah! I just got some vette respect from a hot chick riding with her man.
Mikeyy. Sweet deal.
Eric. I guess she recognized the game.
#corvette #vette #c6 #c5 #chevycorvette
by Mikeyyy May 19, 2007
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