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to derive a verb from an already existing noun
We don't need to verbify a word like bread.
by The Return of Light Joker January 31, 2012
The process of creating a new verb based on an existing noun. The new verb provides an abbreviated way to describe using the noun.
It is common to verbify "google" to "googled", allowing you to say "I googled it." Instead of "I searched for it using google."
by haileys November 10, 2005
What happens to a word when someone decides to make a literary change to it, or to slang it. For example, access. Access used to be a noun, and now it's a verb. In factuality, the word verbify would not exist if itself had not happened to itself. Hence, verbify got verbified, or verbed. The present tense (another example, adjective to verb) of the action is always verbify, but the past tense can be either verbified, or tensed into "verbed." However, "verb itself did not get verbed, so you cannot verb a word, but a word can be verbed.
Verbify Examples:

Before: Do you have access to the top secret work?

After: Did you just access the top secret work?

Before: That's a slang word.

After: That word got slanged.

Before: He was extremely tense.

After: He suddenly tensed.
by Mynoduesp Omen September 07, 2010