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A complete loser that shows up around lunchtime if there are vendors nearby. The vendors want a free lunch and will take almost anyone out so they can utilize their employer's expense account. Vendor whores also go to a lot of free sporting events, and are known to take motorboats and other toys as kickbacks. These tie-wearing idiots really annoy those of us who work with the inferior products they try to push on us, so they can get their free lunches and crap.
"Here comes Don. Yep, it's lunchtime again. His Arabic saleman buddy is here to take him to lunch. What a vendor whore."
by running out of patience April 08, 2008
A large overweight unkept person with poor personal hygiene that will round up all of the free vendor swag. Will also attend sporting events, social gatherings, and out of town trip, all on the vendor's dime.
Todd got to go to another Red Wings game......what a Vendor Whore!!
by P. Basso May 04, 2007
A low life that takes advantage of vendors, asking them for kickbacks, money, etc for business.
Man, Bubba sure is a Vendor Whore, hes asking his vendor to take him to lunch to get an order.
by archieball14 September 17, 2014
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