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a wedgie in your crotch
i had a veegee so i adjusted it
by Aaron Kim July 20, 2006
A vegetarian; someone who does not eat meat.
1. I used to have a girlfriend who was an utter and complete veegee.

2. Hey check out all those idiot veegees from PETA marching down thinking any smart person in the world will convert to their cultist mentality.
by Mark H July 17, 2004
a word that is easier and more comfortable to say then vagina or cooch
Ian yelled out that he had a veegee
by NAshley May 06, 2003
the female genitalia
"have you been pushed into the veegee bush?"
"have you been baking the veegee cake?"
"have you been reigning on the veegee's parade?"
by steen tee April 17, 2003
The vaginas possessed by groupies of the famous Bee Gee's
The Brothers Gibb took turns banging the same veegee
by roxyrola August 21, 2003
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