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A White Person, A "Cracker"
See 'Cracker'
(From the Popular Comedian Stephen Lynch's Song)"Oh, I Hate Vanilla Ice Cream, I Love Chocolate Instead, I Hope She Likes Her Soul Food With a Little Wonder Bread"
by Greene Blob August 15, 2006
20 11
Another word for cum, jizz or seman.
"Vanilla Ice Cream. She said 'Oh my favorite.' -Suck it or Not, Cam'Ron
by Lizxxthexxhoe July 06, 2006
25 17
When you cum all over our girls face in an awkward position.
Girl: This position is weird
You: Yeah I know, imma give you a vanilla ice cream:)
You: SPLAT!!
Girl: Coughing Gurgling
by Joe Joe BoB June 05, 2009
16 9