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charming,goodlooking with similar attributes associated with the kavorka, but simply an A.D.D child that fell through the medical diagnosis net.
GIRL 1. Gee hes cute
Girl 2. I aggree but a friend of a friend says he's a "Vanders". He saw him out once bouncing of the walls like a fucking maniac. Its like his body manufactures its own speed. I wouldnt fuck with "Vanders"
by Jake Vankers October 02, 2006
Vaginal dander.
Better get some vert plus for that vander situation.
by sydastar February 18, 2010
to pull a face like a crazy, mindless child shagger whilst playing drums like a man possessed
fookin' 'ell he's doing a VANDER
by lillibert er (hannover) July 11, 2006