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Suburb of Tampa.. mostly middle class people. A lot of the kids are either preppy or try to act ghetto.

Hang outs.. regency 20, westfield, the bloomingdale parks
Those Valrico kids are trouble
by kbabyxoxoxoxxx March 20, 2007
A small suburb of Tampa, Fl. Kids here don't understand that they're not really ghetto, emo, or redneck, but instead just a wanna be version of them, or they are preps. It is home to a seriously hot chick who looks like Taylor Swift.
Guy 1: dude lets go to Valrico
Guy 2: why, the kids there are all faggots
Guy 1: yeah but that babe who looks like Taylor Swift usually hangs there
Guy 2: oh really? hell yeah lets go i want her number!
by B-dale boy December 24, 2010
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