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No one knows what it means. But, it's provocative... it gets the people going.
Person 1: You got 20,000 followers on Tumblr?

Person 2: yeah-
Person 1: Valid Like Salad
by redge98 February 21, 2012
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to be valid, cool, dope =]

made by joo

follow him on tumblr

@ mystyledope

(add after)
jiggy jiggy jiggy, valid like salad !
by vls April 01, 2012
To take it in the ass like a bitch, also the name of a crappy song by a crappy artists.
Hoodrat1 "Sup son, i heard you was somebody's bitch in prison?"

Hoodrat2 "Yeah dawg, Valid like Salad!"
by 0.337 euros April 26, 2013
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