The word Valah, is the male name for Vala (wich is the female name) meaning the chosen one, or chosen, or single, or singled out, or solo.. Pretty much it mean's independent chosen one.
That nigga is the Valah, he good ad everything he does.
by Valah Taylor Gang April 24, 2010
Top Definition
One of several Slavic and Germanic words used to describe the Romanian, Aromanian, Istro-Romanian, Timoc (Timok) Vlachs, and Megleno-Romanian people...
Used as Vlach, Vlah, Valah, Valach, Olah, Voloh, Voloch, Woloch, Walach...
Originally referring to Latin Speakers and specifically the Latin speaking shepherds of the Balkans, who became the modern day Romanians.
the region of Wallachia (Walachia) - as said in English is part of Romania, known in the past and Romanian as both "Valahia" & "Teara Rumaneasca" (old Romanian for "Tara Romaneasca")- meaning The Romanian Land...
by LucaV March 11, 2008
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