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A way to say Vagina when you are trying to be polite about it.
"Yeah, My girlfriend went to the Doctor. She was having Vah Jay Jay Problems..."
by Immortal-Jake May 03, 2006
It's another word for a girls vagina lol,
also a better word and it's quite hilarious
omg you just kneed me in my vahjayjay.
Look it's firecrotch's vahjayjay, it's firey, lol.
The Vahjayjay - A Fiery Pit of Birth and Sex(EWWWW)
by Sara Walden February 15, 2008
Another slang word for vagina (the female genitalia). Used in the show "Drawn Together" on comedy central by the charater Foxy Brown.
Person 1: "Man, Something smells like fish. Where is it coming from?"
Person 2: "Oh it's not fish,Kelly's Vah jayjay is stankin!"
by AsianValentine May 01, 2006
n. a humorous usage of the word 'vagina'; often spoken in a high pitched voice.
"Vah jayjay!!" "Niiinja!!"
by Ptotheatrick0 March 06, 2006
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