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The product of the hottest new cosmetic surgery,
Why have to deal with 5 days of membrane and mess coming out your vaginal cavity, when you can use that space for soemthing much more useful, like a pocket. Your trinkets and valuables will be much safer inside you and inside your vagocket. When its your "time of the month" all that will come oozing out of you nether regions are surprises, memories, knick knacks, and other fantastic prizes. After you get this fantastic new surgery, you'll be like a pinata, bursting with goodies each month.
Nikki: Hey did you hear about that new cosma surg all the movie stars are getting?
Sally: Oh yeah, the vagocket? That sounds so cool, i heard Mrs. G even got it done.

Nikki: Wow, that sure would be useful for storing all those unwanted figurines my granny gives me for my birthday!
Sally: Yeah, and it would sure cut down on pick pocketting.
by HellenKellerAriel June 12, 2009

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