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The last blood clot at the end of a womens period, enormous in size and flavor!
Man that vagina nugget was enormous!
by Leggz July 03, 2011
2 4
Bubbles that form around the vagina after the first time of having sex. Morely after 'popping her cherry'.
John,"Her Vagina Nugget was really huge."
Greg,"Ew, that's gross! What's a vagina nugget?"
by moomeowkitty March 31, 2011
2 2
A nugget of nastiness that leaves the vagina. A douche bag, and ass hole, a derogatory slur.
"Your name here" is SUCH an ass hole, he is quite the VAGINA NUGGET!
by T to the R to the U to PO June 29, 2010
3 3
vagina nugget is a certain place on the vagina also knoomn as the clit......
the vagina nugget is a fat clitoris "un normal"
my vagina nugget is very crispy.
also known as angila
by danygrl June 20, 2008
5 5