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An vagina that hasn't been shaved ever and has a huge amount of hair. Its like a normal beard if you don't shave it for about a year. Except on a girls vagina.
Guy 1: Dude I saw Brittany naked.
Guy 2: Does she have a vagina beard?
Guy 1: Yeah. Yeah she does.
Guy 2: Ew
by cruisemissleking August 24, 2009
31 9

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Used to describe a woman who has facial hair and leaves you wondering what she has down under. Usually the result of poor female hygiene.
Did you see that girl in our photography class? She has more facial hair than me...she must be a vaginabeard!
by Shamblelol February 08, 2010
15 5
the act of a man's facial hair resembling an unshaven vagina.
dude, check out his vagina - beard!
by kyotoprotocol August 08, 2011
11 5