Indian Fast Food similasr to Berger. It is very tasty & popular, generally available economical & Instant food in Maharashtra (India).
It is combination of Vada & Pav Vada is made of Begal gram floor (Besan) rich in proteins & Pav (Bread)
by Dhiredra Jagtap June 24, 2005
Top Definition
Vada pavs are unhygienic, spicy, mostly indgestible, dirty but tasty foodstuff that no true mumbaikar can resist. Vada pavs are made by placing cooked potatoes fried in vada batter (vada) in the middle of bread (pav). This is the number one source of indigestion for college going children. The vada pav is a close relative of the dhabheli.
Biswajit ate five vada pavs for a dare once.
by Gunkglumb May 20, 2005
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