1. The act of forcefully and willingly inhaling one’s own flatulence for the sake of one’s reputation; the self mutilation of one’s lungs. To breathe deeply of your own fart, lest any particle of the filthy emission is left for another to detect. Often followed by heavy panting, bloodshot eyes, and in some rare cases, delayed vomiting. This act is most often performed in the office, seconds before a manager decides to stop by your cube to ask you a question. Also, the technique is employed while riding in motor vehicles with persons of the opposite sex, or any occasion where the fantastic brand of air biscuit needs to be concealed and dissipated. May lead to downs.
Papit: “Yo Fenga, why do you look so out of breath, and have that painful look in your bloodshot eyes?”
Fenga: “Dude, cut me some slack, I just successfully managed a vacuum implosion when Cindy came by to ask how my weekend was”.
by Dvinny7 March 16, 2011

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