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A Chinese vagina.
I think I'm heading to Ming's Whorehouse to get me some of that mean vachina.
by Fat Washington November 05, 2003
A vagina with a high occupancy level or large population. Also, a very large vagina.
That chick sleeps with everyone. she has a vachina.
by shrimpfest5000 November 15, 2009
the Greek word for a Vagina so volumous that all of China can fit into its abyss.
Dude, Natasha's Vagina was so much bigger that an elephant-cow, it was a freakin' VACHINA!
by Tim, Meagan, & Sam October 29, 2007
Stems from the word vagina and the South African colloquial term 'china' meaning 'friend'.

A term used to describe two very close females, usually bestfriends who if were lesbian, would have the greatest relationship ever.

Similar to manpanions and bumchums in the case of guy bestfriends.
Robyn is the best friend that Kirstyn could ever have imagined and therefore is Kirstyn's vachina.

Kirstyn: Do you wana be my vachina forever?
Robyn: ah man I was about to ask you the same thing!

Paul: Dude, are those chicks lesbians over there?
Tom: No ways man they're vachinas
Paul: oh yeah, yr right how could i have been so ignorant
by Scottyland October 27, 2010
An Chinese woman's pussy.
According to myth, a Chinese woman's vaginal slit is not horizontal it's vertical as to match their eyes.
The Chinese woman's pussy is a vachina.
by Juicy Cherry March 25, 2011
a Chinese woman's vagina
yo dawg, did you see that vachina i got last night?
by ottoman711 August 24, 2009
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