Female ejaculation
Last night Christine vajizzled all over my balls! What a night!!
by cst174 October 24, 2010
When one ejaculates on to another person's pubic hair. Alternative: to salad dress.

From the words "VAgina", "JIZz", and "drizZLE".
Nathaniel vajizzled all over Ami's crotch!
by howlingmadwilger August 15, 2008
Excretion from the vagina causing it to moisten due to sexual excitement.
I was so turned on that there was vajizzle in my panties.
by Juicy Cherry March 25, 2011
When a man's jizz comes out of a woman's vagina.

When a man and a women have just finished having sex and once the woman stands up, she realizes that there is semen dripping out of her vagina, also known as a vajizzle.
He came deep inside of me but after we were done, I vajizzled a bunch and had to go to the bathroom to clean up.

I thought he wore a condom, but judging by the amount of vajizzle after we were done, I don't think he did.
by jnastyyyy November 18, 2012
A dried creampie on a bald vagina.. whorish alternative to the vajazzle
she was smooth now shes vajizzled
by subway15 April 24, 2011
When a man has a very positive reaction to the sight of a vajazzeled pussy.
When I saw Becky's new pussy bling, I almost vajizzled.
by garry whitmore May 10, 2010
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