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Amazing movie where Britain has become a totalitarian state ruled by a hard-ass (who turns out to be a big pussy) and where a single person, V, is attempting to overthrow the state and take revenge for a virus started by the government that killed 80,000 people (and turned him into a "monster"). Gives a good warning of what our world could (and in some cases already has) become. Very good movie, especially if you've read 1984. O ya also has Natalie Portman in it, though her role is small compared to V's.
V for Vendetta is an amazing look into the future of mankind.
by matt d.m. April 26, 2006
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A brilliant work of fiction in the form of a comic book, written by Allan Moore in the 1980's. the story follows Evey who becomes linked to a very mysterious veiled vandal with an idea to overthrow the villainous vermin of Britain's government via vindicated, vast extermination and a vicious sense of justice. Throughout the story we find vestige to verify his vengeance and know him only as the V, the virtuous, versatile vandal out to vanquish the vain, venal villians spitting venomous variations of truth to the obedient populace and thus acheive his vendetta. A truly invigorating version of justice.

It was made into a movie in 2006, which was fine unless you've read the original comics and realize how badly they distorted the story.
this comic/movie, V for Vendetta, is most definately worth checking out.
by risarawr January 03, 2007
The best movie ever, watch it and love it
Guy one: Dude V for Vendetta was kick ass
Guy two: For sure
Unicorn: Moo
by Sir Korn Kawb September 03, 2008
One of the best movies of 2006. It's made by the Wachowski brothers (can you say, "Matrix"?). so you know it has to be good. It takes place in England. It's about a terrorist named V who takes Natalie Portman (Evey) and makes her his bitch for a year, after which he blows up Parliament on November 5th. It's all because a virus killed all those people and V"s getting back at those assholes.
V for Vendetta was awesome, especially near the end when V took all those knives and killed all those people in the subway.
by TenInchPlaya August 21, 2006
A graphic novel, written by Alan Moore (yay) and illustrated by David Lloyd. SOOOOO much better than the movie.
--Dude, have you seen V for Vendetta yet?
--No, I read the graphic novel.
--Like a comic book?? Ur a geek!
--Thank you, and you're a poser.
by Dirty Monkey Sex December 04, 2006
A comic book written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd in the early 1980's.
V for Vendetta is another wonderful example of Hollywood's amazing ability to ruin a good story.
by Triskaidekaphobia September 06, 2006
The words that you shout out before you make your middle and index finger into a V and stick your tongue in and out repeatedly.
"V for Vendetta, Bitch"
by Cockrates May 25, 2008
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