Under The Pump. Or when one is under pressure to complete a task from a deadline, etc.

Used in the workplace as an acronym. Coined by Mr Dave "Reesdog" Reeson in late 2006.
"Come on fellaz we are really U.T.P. here. Let's get working!"
by Lil Pesos February 28, 2008
Top Definition
Up-Town Projects. Juveniles record label with starting artist Wack-o and Skip. their single Nolia Clap can be heard on the radio often. Younbg Buck was once a memeber befor defecting to G-Unit.
"G-Unit, UTP"-Young Buck on Get rich or die trying
by nevaashookone August 31, 2004
Unshielded Twisted-Pair, an kind of copper cable used for diferent types of connections.
We need a UTP cable to comunicate each others.
by We got to take the power back! September 13, 2006
An acronym for "Under the pillow"
Night soil and Cunties McBitch enjoy all their activities UTP.
by Phenomally January 14, 2007
up the pimps this is basically a g thang used by 50 cent
"gunit-utp" by 50 cent in get rich or die tryin.....song blood hound
by Savo¬! April 11, 2007

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