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When you get home from a USY even (conventions, dances, trips etc...) and you are really overwelmingly sad that the event is over and you look back at you time and was like woah i did some crazy shit at USY and you miss all your friends and you start counting down the days till the next event
Rebecca: Yeah I just got home from Spring Convention
David: Oh yeah me too
David: yeah USY= life
Rebecca: Deff
by Jappy Jew May 25, 2005
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also known as PCDS, or "post convention depression syndrome"

when you come back from a USY convention feeling all sad and missing your friends.
other usyer: i'm having lots of usy withdrawal right now.

new fro usyer: you mean "hella PCDS"?

other usyer: yeah, that.
by kerflugenbachten July 14, 2008

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