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1. A lifeless being who dwells in the mystical realm known colloquially as "Urban Dictionary." This being exists only to feed Urban Dictionary with ridiculous definitions that are often considered to be highly offensive, whilst rejecting all other otherwise "good" definitions.

2. 1% of the Urban Dictionary population who only seeks to benefit the community through accepting good or otherwise harmless definitions.
This definition is likely to be rejected.

"I'm so pissed, the editors rejected my entry on Double Bass. They have no life."

"Why must the Urban Dictionary Editors be so cruel?"
by EditorsareJerks August 04, 2012
5 4
Another name for a useless cunt.
You are such an Urban Dictionary Editor.

My ex-girlfriend was hot but other than that she was an Urban Dictionary Editor.
by Mysterion3452 December 30, 2013
2 3
Extreme faggots who are probably Yankees fans and will probably get genital warts in the future.
Wow did you see those Urban Dictionary Editors? They totally have genital warts.
by tbozz8 March 30, 2013
0 1
Piece Of shit.
That urban dictionary editor eats shit for breakfast.
by dick69999999 December 21, 2012
2 3
Noun; Person who is of high intelligence, and is regarded as one of the most important individuals that had any involvement with slang term lingo. Also, some of the most honorable, and trusting human beings to walk this earth. If ever you should meet another editor, you must bow and kiss their feet. (Just kiddin, ya'all!)
Oh...it feels almost mystical to be an Urban Dictionary Editor...! Poor peasants, never knowing the feel of ultimate power!

(wait...that was supposed to sound "Queen Mary-ish"... So when did I turn "Hitler"? Oh well!"

Smooches! <3
by Southern Belle: git r dun! June 18, 2006
56 59
The people who decide which entries are too stupid for submission and which ones are worth submitting. Without them, urbandictionary.com would cease to exist, or be crowded with even more garbage entries than are socially aceptable.
Don't hate on the urbandictionary editors.
by Dr. Ivy Thorne June 27, 2011
1 6
The gods of the Urban Dictionary.

The decision makers.

The smartest, most talented people on Earth.

They are so attractive, you can't imagine it.

If you are an editor and you are reading this right now...
I found out one one of my friends was one of the urban dictionary editors, so I let him have sex with my girlfriend.
by Mike_Litoris July 09, 2011
2 11