They either Publish your Submission or Reject it.

It's that Simple.
Editors chose to Publish your Submission. Check it out here: Dude

- An Example of the Urban Dictionary Editors
by Ditto. September 16, 2007
A mother fucking dumbshit who doesn't know how to publish a good quality word. These people do their jobs like shit and need to learn the definition of good.
"Dude 95% of my words get rejected because of the dipshit Urban Dictionary Editor."
by Samuel Sanudo March 02, 2015
People that work for the site They are notorious for rejecting well-written definitions. Jeez what is wrong about writing about a Scottish village or an obscure video game?
Person 1: Look what I wrote about Balloch!
Person 2: That's well written.
Person 1: Ok, I'll submit it to *submits definition*
Urbandictionary Editors: REJECTED
Person 1: NOOOOOO!!! What did I do wrong?!
by Dr Devil September 23, 2014
A bunch of assholes who don't accept definitions unless they're crude, crudely funny, or really fucking boring.
Urban Dictionary Editors are a bunch of idiot 13 year old boys. Y'all bore me.
by OSgirl15 January 01, 2014
People that live to piss others off! They reject definitions that people work hard on and that would be usefull to other people. Instead, these editors CRUSH YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS!!! Don't reject something because you don't like it or agree with it. Reject it only if it doesn't make sence! Don't reject something because it insults you! Dumbasses!
Those Urban Dictionary editors crushed my hopes and dreams!
by Iluvch0c0tac0s April 18, 2013
1. A lifeless being who dwells in the mystical realm known colloquially as "Urban Dictionary." This being exists only to feed Urban Dictionary with ridiculous definitions that are often considered to be highly offensive, whilst rejecting all other otherwise "good" definitions.

2. 1% of the Urban Dictionary population who only seeks to benefit the community through accepting good or otherwise harmless definitions.
This definition is likely to be rejected.

"I'm so pissed, the editors rejected my entry on Double Bass. They have no life."

"Why must the Urban Dictionary Editors be so cruel?"
by EditorsareJerks August 04, 2012
The people who hold your entire urban dictionary fate in their fingertips. The ones who can make your year and publish your definition. Or tear apart your dreams and not.
"Hey man, you wanna get on urban dictionary?"

by k.derr July 12, 2009

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