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This is a group of people with different personalities who volunteer their time to keep Urban Dictionary relevant. They receive no pay for this service. Some are just killing time, some have an agenda, BUT for the most part they are folks that just want UD to be free of the things that are not allowed. By volunteering their services they are helping this site to remain FREE OF CHARGE to all who use it.

Because there are so many different people editing UD it can lead to new posts being rejected for what appears to be no good reason. Some people let everything pass through, some follow the rules exactly, and then there are some who might go beyond the rules and reject almost every new post.

Person 1." Dude!" " That great post I just made got deleted by a Urban Dictionary Editor !" Man I am pissed!!" " Just for that I'm gonna go click on the edit link and reject every new post that comes to me!" "If mine ain't good enough nobody else's is either."
Person 2. "Dude, that's childish."

Person 2. In baby talk " Baby mad because momma took um pacifier away, poor baby."
Person 1 "Oh alright, knock it off dude." " I'm still gonna go there and reject any post that don't meet the rules!"
Person 2 "Whatever"
by Last post I'll probably make December 20, 2012
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a god among mortals. chooses what peopler believe or not and gives normal people hope or dashes their hopes.
when interviewedurban dictionary editor will say ''no comments''
by editorworshipper October 05, 2010
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The people who hold your entire urban dictionary fate in their fingertips. The ones who can make your year and publish your definition. Or tear apart your dreams and not.
"Hey man, you wanna get on urban dictionary?"

by k.derr July 12, 2009
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A bunch of assholes who don't accept definitions unless they're crude, crudely funny, or really fucking boring.
Urban Dictionary Editors are a bunch of idiot 13 year old boys. Y'all bore me.
by OSgirl15 January 01, 2014
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Massive thundercunts who won't take anything that seems mildly offensive. Yet they also approve the weirdest shit that doesn't belong.
Fuck, I bet that they take this one to embarrass me. Urbandictionary editors are assholes.
by blackholenun April 26, 2013
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People that live to piss others off! They reject definitions that people work hard on and that would be usefull to other people. Instead, these editors CRUSH YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS!!! Don't reject something because you don't like it or agree with it. Reject it only if it doesn't make sence! Don't reject something because it insults you! Dumbasses!
Those Urban Dictionary editors crushed my hopes and dreams!
by Iluvch0c0tac0s April 18, 2013
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Douchebag pricks that only publish stupid definitions of gross and disgusting things instead of things that actually have meaning.

Person 1: Oh you sent a definition entry to Urban Dictionary?
Person 2: Yeah, I'm really excited for it to get published!
Person 1: Oh don't get your hopes up, unless it's about ejaculations or girls pole dancing in the most whimsical ways, it won't get published.
Person 2: Oh, I doubt it!
~~~~~~THE NEXT DAY~~~~~~
Person 2: Wow! They really didn't publish it!
Person 1: Those damn Urban Dictionary Editors! We should start a boycott!
by SUKMIBAWLZ March 31, 2013
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