As an Urban Dictionary editor myself, I was surprised to see some definitions here. We are not trying to deny freedom of speech, but please note that no one but you cares how you define your wife's name. However I am very sorry that sometime retarded words do get posted while respectable words that some of you may have spent time on are rejected. My apologias on the behave of all editors.
All urban dictionary editors should read these definitions so that they may become better at making decisions.

Urban dictionary editors should stop randomly hitting "Don't Publish."
by badgerman5566 January 26, 2011
Urban Dictionary Editors are people who never accept words, no matter how good they are and how awesome they are. If i try and add a word, there is only a 10% chance that it'll be published, because of decicion making editors. Hell, i don't even think this will be published.
Urban Dictionary Editors: Wow, this word and definition is so awesome. But i am gonna be evil and not publish it. Muhahahahahaha.

Me: Shit.
by Mike Hunt and Mike Hawks July 05, 2009
Ever since the abandonment of the "sign in" only to edit Urban Dictionary submissions, Urban Dictionary editors now only consist of idiot 14 year old teenage girls who decide to never publish any legitimate submissions except their own stupid submissions.

Fuck you.
Sarah: Oh Em Gee! Did you just hear what Mike said about about me? He totally called me out on Twitter. OMG, like I'm so offended.

Jennifer: You know, we should publish that to Urban Dictionary!

Sarah: Oh Em Gee, like what a good idea! Help me write this submission about Mike.

**Mike - A total douchbge. Bigst ahole on the plnet.**

Jennifer: Make sure it gets approved, go to the urban dictionary editors section and approve it.

Sarah: Eww, like what are all these other submissions here wow I'm not approving any of this shit. I'm only approving my shitty definition of mike.
by hi79993 June 02, 2013
miserable mongoloids who've strayed so far from the purpose of the website with their decisions on what to reject and what to post that its rendered the website useless. if someone wants to actually post an informative urban term it will get rejected unless it contains sexual innuendos , but somehow any douchebag who wants to define their own name to let world know how "cool and amazing they are" will pretty much with 100% certainty get their shit posted. this website is overflowing with useless nonsense and its not even funny anymore. just a testament to the failure of mankind. too bad the mayans were wrong with their prediction of the end of the world because then the space-time continuum would have been rid of this web domain
urban dictionary editors contribute nothing to the zeitgeist and should commit suicide
by fuckurbandictionaryfuckurbandi December 21, 2012
There are two types of Urban Dictionary editors:

Good editors: The ones who allows new definitions to be published

Retarded editors: Idiots who will reject random new definitions for either no reason or stupid reasons. They're the one with no life and doesn't realize that Urban Dictionary is contributed by people with a great sense of humor.
YES! My definition was published!

WTF!?! Why did the Urban Dictionary editors reject my new definition for no reason!?! What did my definition even say to piss them off???
by NHRHS2010 June 16, 2011
the gods of The Urban Dictionary. They rule what goes in and are above all others
Yes, brothers. I too am an urban dictionary editor.
by Scandi February 02, 2008
1. A bunch of 12 year olds who have nothing better to do than waste their time on the internet, breaking other 12 year old hearts by rejecting their definitions.
2. 50 year old pedophile looking for a sexual definition that seems appropriate to fap to
Urban dictionary editors: I just submitted the word Cleveland bukkake!
50 year old pedo: *reads definition of Cleveland bukkake* Aww yeah, that is some hot sh*t! *faps to it.*
by Fads123 December 28, 2013

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