a bunch of fat people who sit in dark alleyways with rats and spend the whole day shoving dirt up their ass, jerking eachother off, constantly eating eachother out with their rotten teeth.
I hear some kind of noises of pain coming from a dark alleyway, I look down the alleyway and see some urbandictionary editors giving eachother hand jobs.
by bjc2002 February 19, 2013
People who don't always necessarily publish a really funny or really true definition just because...... well because they suck, I guess.
I have written some of the funniest words & definitions I can think of & these damn Urban Dictionary Editors keep sending me e-mails saying that they are rejected. DAMNIT!
by pookita September 02, 2009
A platoon of unscrupulous rapscallions who pass all the racial, sexual, prejudicial slur definitions under the sun, yet have a fetish for rejecting actual legitimate definitions which were made to educate the common reader.

They adore and often get themselves off to definitions of poor grammar which involve angst-ridden prepubescent teenage girls ranting about how apparently bad their ex-boyfriend was.
They however despise any definitions which contain actual informative content with long descriptive paragraphs and words that their sprocket-sized brains have never processed before.

If you're thinking about posting a definition just keep this info in mind.

"omg dis iz 2 lon i dun wan 2 reded dis, rjectd!!!111! >>>>:(((( ddfidsiufhdusoi"

Also here's "Urbandictionary editors" because I apparently need to place it in the example section for some discernible reason.
by Weaselcake June 20, 2013
Apparently so busy that they just auto deny new definitions. I bet this one won't get pushed through.
I sent a definition 2 minutes ago, within 5 seconds of clicking the link in my email I get the dreaded "Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it." How nice. Typical lazy Urbandictionary editors
by Hatermansomething25 May 30, 2013
Cultureless idiot. Denizen of the most morally deranged corner of the internet's asshole.

The kind of person who will turn down a clever idea but approve entries such as: vjsnipples, qwiboda, and FUAAAA.
I thought he was an alright fellow but then I found out he's an Urban Dictionary Editor.
by ROYGBIV February 22, 2013
The reason why your definition is not published on Urban Dictionary
Most urbandictionary editors are starting to reject freedom of speech. In fact, this definition might get rejected.
by NHRHS2010 August 13, 2011
The dumbass faggots who allow racist, sexist, homophobic, and antisemetic definitions but they don't allow definitions that are actually made out of fun. Number of definitions they have allowed:

Black People
"A loud, ignorant race of people. They're the smelliest people on this planet since they never bother to wash their greasy fried chicken infested hair or any part of their body. Whites will always be superior."

"People who like kool-aid, fried chicken, and watermelon."

Women or Woman
"The useless skin around the vagina."

"The inferior sex."

Man or Men
"Idiots that are the scum of the Earth."

"A male spieces in which porn occupies 90% of his brain."

Now the fun definitions they have allowed that are not racist, sexist, etc.

"We don't get them and we never will. Seriously, how can a woman drive boiling hot wax up her leg to remove hair and still be scared of a spider?"

"I don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die."

Me: (reading definitions for black people) Wow, Urbandictionary Editors actually allowed this racist crap on the website.
by tamtam27 October 03, 2010
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