are retards that will not add terms just like the pther terms that they all ready accepted. Why is it when a person adds something similar to what was already approved but yet not approve. You fucking reject losers. Yea delete this one, Cause I know you are gay and insecure enough to need to delete this. You are to chicken shit and to big of a loser to approve it.
Oh look at the "Urban Dictionary Editors". I am a moron that thinks he is important now that he can take and denie the same posting as ones that were approved.
by I know all about you. February 06, 2010
Assholes that will approve stupid ass shit but when it comes to something actually cool theyre like oh i wanna be a piece of shit loser and not approve of it.
Person 1: Hey look at those ugly ass piece of shit faggots i wonder who they are
Person 2: Theyre obviously Urban Dictionary editors
by CatsWhiskers April 10, 2010
The Editors of the Urban Dictionary Website. They shift through allot of proposed words, most of which are racist, sexist,sexually demeaning, disgusting, personal agenda's, pathetic, stupid, and just flat out retarded words, just to select a few good words.

like any other free editor service, there are editors who allow the sick twisted, nonsense words that populate the pages of the website, but this can also be blamed at the vagueness and low amount of specific rules, common sense, good judgement, and overall stupidity of those people who try to post their words.
Person 1: dude, this is bullshit. my banging word never went onto the website, those damn Urban Dictionary Editors, and to think that a word like Duse would get posted.

Person 2: Give them a break bro, just imagine all the shit they gotta put up with.
by Tony015 November 22, 2009
people who reject everything that they can, just to make the most pathetic dictionary in the world, where people can invent their own words AND get them rejected, only to watch some guy make up a word that makes no sence, and he/she gets it published.
hey, i'll publish a word in the urban dictionary... oh, its been rejected :( DAMN THOSE SILLY URBAN DICTIONARY EDITORS.
by September 30, 2009
Nerds who spend all their time on
They only choose definitions that favor geeks. Facist pigfuckers.

Urban Dictionary editors are mostly Japs.
by L-o-l-a February 20, 2006
Retards who publish pornographic, offensive definitions, and then turn down a beautiful definition of my wife's name that was in no way offensive or sexually perverted.
"Those guys are such urban dictionary editors"
by DaKine1981 February 03, 2010
a group of lifeless fags who thinks they're cool

YOU ARE ALL TWATS =========> suck my dick
dude 1 : im urban dictionary editors
dude 2 : you are a TWAT
by fuckyouUDE October 17, 2010
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