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(masculine form)

1 - A complete toolbag who updates his status on Facebook to the definition of his name on However, this toolbag only selects a definition that says he is a stud, has a huge penis, and/or is great in bed. This toolbag is prone to skipping over the definitions that reveal he has friction burns on his palms because he cannot get a date.

(feminine form)

1 - A shallow and insecure woman who updates her status on Facebook to the definition of her name on She only selects the ones that say how sexy she is, even though she isn't. She occassionally chooses the ones that say how slutty she is because she thinks it is sooooooo funny. Little does she know she will now never get a real job that doesn't require her to use her mouth in the "service" industry.
CEO: Johnson, bring me the resume of that young lady who interviewed the other day.
Johnson: Sir, we Googled her name and found out she is an urbandictionary status updater.
CEO: We can't hire that slut to be our new VP! Well, at least we'll see her at Scores. How about that resume of that guy who interviewed yesterday?
Johnson: Same problem sir, he's a toolbag urbandictionary status updater.
CEO: Call him back for another interview . . . and when he shows up, let's beat him with a lead pipe.
by HatesFBUpdaters February 04, 2010
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