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a dictionary on the internet that alows you to search words that have silly meanings
are u retarded u are reading urban dictionary
by stevebot March 03, 2007
A place where most of people want to proove that slang words are only related to SEX, BEING HIGH or MENTALLY DISORDERED.
Even if they're not.
- Hey are we going to make some squirrels?
- No. John my head hurts.

- Men thats a good party. Its just started but look - Eddie is already winamped and urban dictionary.
- Yeah he was winampin 6 hours earlier.

by Mickey123 January 24, 2007
An online source of wisdom and wit and contrary to popular belief has nothing to do with Keith Urban (thank Christ for that!)
An example of the confusion;
1: That Urban dictionary is legendary.

2: Yeah, I love his songs! (Not)
by Asylum Seeker March 20, 2007
an absolutely worthless psuedo-slang dictionary that can be edited by anyone. Has absolutely no qualiy control as a preteen/semi-retarded person can choose whether a definiton makes it or does not make it. Contrasts with fmylife.com in that fmylife.com, it takes multiple "ok"'s for a story to be posted. This results in less, but higher quality, material than on urbandictionary.com
urban dictionary. Seriously. Wtf.

Word: Tom

A gay ass nigger piece shit that lives next door to me and shits all over my lawn

Some random pre-teen/idiot: Ooo, that's funny. Lots of swears. *clicks ok*

Definition is published for all to see!
by OlegTheGreat April 07, 2009
The most hipster site ever.
Collin: Where can I find the most accurate and positive definition of a hipster?
Johnny: Dude, Urban Dictionary.
by Will Cuminthaeye September 16, 2014
a lame program that doesnt let us alter fucked up definitions of words older than it!!!!!
urban dictionary sucks dick
by Larad Conplant September 13, 2014
The website your currently on right now
Why are you looking up Urban Dictionary on Urban Dictionary
by Redsoxsuck04 August 21, 2014