Would be a great and usefull place, if it weren't for the thousands of pointless definitions. Much of these are just people trying to make up their own word, named after themselves. If you search hard, you may be able to find a usefull bit. Though this is possibly the best place to go if you want to learn a sex position, they are not in short supply.
I do like urbandictionary, though
by Blue Ruse August 08, 2006
A cry-pit for angsty white male middle schoolers from affluent neighborhoods.

Popular subjects that Urban Dictionary users like to cry over:

-Anything "emo"-related
-George W. Bush, and how he's personally oppressing you.
-Anyone with any mainstream religious beliefs
-Anyone who gets laid on a regular basis
-Their parents
-Television and the media
-The "rap" music
-The police
-Video game consoles
-Anyone who dares have a different opinion on a subjective subject than you.
-Anyone who doesn't share the typical affluent angsty white male middle schooler opinion
All people do on Urban Dictionary is bitch and whine about everything.
by sdagfads December 11, 2007
It's this site. It's ruined by sick perverts and pedophiles that post ridiculous and absurd definitions that shouldn't be seen by young children. The UD community first looks like a community of sick perverts and pedophiles, and that wraps up Urban Dictionary.
I just laugh at this one little definition at Urban Dictionary as I type in a more mature definition of the word at the site.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
A place where any stupid fuck tries to make up a new word, thinking he/she is cool because they're going to start a new word.
Stupid Guy: Hey I added the term Shit Kicker Pussy Licker to Urban Dictionary, how cool am i?

Stupid Guys Friends: hey yeah your pretty cool
by Bobobobbabobab August 26, 2006
A bunch of cunt fucks who never post the shit that you submit. Anything that uses insight or wit is above their heads and they get confused and choose not to add valuable content to their site. If you're an urban dictionary editor, you probably have a tiny dick and the IQ of a thumb tack.
Urban Dictionary Editor: Hey I love working for Urban Dictionary....and touching children in the asshole.
by NZC September 16, 2007
A website where people go to rant about things that they have no clue whatsoever about. Here's the way it works most of the time: Person stumbles upon UrbanDictionary.com. Person becomes angered at others' definition, clicks it down. Person writes their own definition of the same word that they looked at, condescending everything that person said. Repeats process.
I just finished posting something on Urban Dictionary. I don't know what I'm talking about of course and I'm so biased that I suck at life.
by Someone12128172 November 25, 2007
An uncited, open-access online dictionary purporting to catalogue the vernacular of urban-based minorities, with a contributing editorial force comprised exclusively of suburban-based caucasians.
Fearing that his "rhymes" were beginning to lack the hard-edged street integrity they once boasted, Ja Rule consulted the Urban Dictionary for the latest ghetto buzz words. Ever the perfectionist, Rule further sought linguistic reinforcment by contacting the world's foremost authority on Ebonics (and principal contributing editor of said dictionary): Bobby Anderson, captain of the boys high school tennis team in Westport, CT.
by yit sack rabeen April 24, 2007
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