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Predominently male early teens to early 20's who terrorize the inner city. Gangbangers, thugs and "wannabe's". transends race and class as even upper class suburban white teenage males aspire to be urban taliban. Fashion consists of baseball hats with the size and/or price tag attached, shorts and pants hung low so as to provide the apprpriate plumber look. One or more oversized t-shirts worn at once to provide the menecing look of having a concealed weapon. Vocabulary will often times be splattered with the "N" word, YO, dawwwg and bitch. Accompanying music contains much the same as the vocabulary.
My brother and I were walking to the train station when a group of urban taliban approached forcing us to make sure we held firmly onto our wallets and to check on our valuables after they had passed.
by GeorgeMclovin October 08, 2007

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