Where people troll about things they don't like.
Urban Dictionary: Look up Glenn Beck or Nickelback, just to name a few
by Namepicfailure February 07, 2011
The type of place people go to when they are bored. If you are very bored, you might even try and send in a definition. And if you are EXTREMELLY bored, you might become an editor and spend hours looking at other peoples lame ass definitions for shit you aint never heard of in your whole life.
Me: Oh no, i am bored. Whatever shall i do? Oh i know. Maybe ill waste my life away on urban dictionary looking up random and utterly useless things like "urban dictionary" and "definition".
by IDoNotEatPantzz August 30, 2010
1. misued

2. abused

3. purpose reduced

4. modern manifestation of human immaturity (sadly)

5. initially a great invention; currently a cause for ill intention

6. not a diary or a place for confessionals, however ridiculously slow people tend to think its a perfect location for rants and raves

8. seemingly a popular place for happily exercising and breeding Potty Mouth Syndrome (PMS)

9. brilliant place for ball-less bullies to target their victims.

10. lots more but cant be bothered right now. We have better things to do with our time than to read idiotic definitions which are 95% untrue and write one which actually is (this one duh)
You gotta feel sorry for the inventors of Urban Dictionary. Their intentions were great but clowns will always be clowns. A great place to play immature anonymously. A perfect local hangout joint for cowards to party and light houses on fire. What is the world coming to?
by Rodney, Greg, Peter & Daisy August 18, 2010
This website,really why do you search the website ON the website itself.
d:urban dictionary rocks
g:i know
by tacotaco123456789 June 25, 2010
A website that used to be cool, until they started censoring and checking every entry. This has made it not a public tool, but a band of moderators looking to approve or disapprove definitions as they see fit.

Now a running joke and a shadow of what it was.
Urban Dictionary used to be cool, until all the words were put before a panel of biased judges.
by Rooktastic June 15, 2010
a site which has more bullshit references to drugs and sex than a 50cent song.
1st dude: i dint kno yo mama was a crack whore?
2nd: whaaaa ?
1st: i searched her up on urban dictionary man.
by iilluminatk May 28, 2010
A forum disguised as a dictionary for young white people to try to understand rap lyrics.
"Bro, what does tupac mean when he calls biggie a "mark ass bitch""........ "I dunno let's look it up in urban dictionary"
by hiphopkilla April 25, 2010

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