A supposed on line dictionary of little value because moderators allow people to post definitions that amount despicable racist hate messages. If you look up the word Maori, it is full of racist messages that have apparently been passed by Urban Dictionary editors which leads the thought that Urban Dictionary staff are racists or they just don't care what crap people post in here.

Get you shit together Urban Dictionary because if you don't, you can expect some problems with your authorities and you will find your asses sued off.
the place where u go to get definitions when it will embarrass you if you ask your friends and gross out your parents.
(Thinking) Man i really wanna know what a bong is. TO URBAN DICTIONARY!
by dabull12 May 10, 2012
a happy place where everyone comes when they don't know something.

a place full of random nonsense when nonsense makes sense to the nonsenseable
Kristopher: "Dude, where were those chicks from the party from?"
Luke: "I think from Jefferson Forest High School"
Kristopher: "What's that?"
Luke: "Let's Urban Dictionary it!"
by blondemaid463 April 20, 2012
When something is really good and promising and then becomes a let down and failure.
Urban dictionary word of the day was great until April 5th when there wasnt one and then April 6th when it sucked.

Johns parents were really proud of him when he was accepted into Harvard but he pulled an urban dictionary when got into drug debotchary.
by Ridiculousness Eve April 06, 2012
A dictionary made by people. (People..like..normal people. if you get what I mean.) Normally used for looking up slang words. Don't look up anything else; they're just opinions. Other than that, this is a pretty good site to get opinions.
She used Urban Dictionary as an actual one! What an idiot..
by IloveYouMang<3 March 02, 2012
Something for finding definitions urban style
Lets check urban dictionary
by strakerak January 15, 2012
An online collection of words, 95% of which are ill-defined. This due to the website's reliance on socially under developed dorks, forty year-old virgins and hyper reactionary losers who think they are politically "involved.

On occasion, it provides some entertainment, but it is usually populated by angst ridden tirades by people who lash out at their betters.

While some readers may be offended at learning they are lesser beings, they should be reminded they came to Urban Dictionary of their own free will. They worked to get here, that says it all.
"I read about that on Urban Dictionary."

"I'm sorry."
by Guido555 October 27, 2011

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