The only real English Dictionary in the world, In my opinion. It contains REAL definitions that every one can understand. Not something like:

Philosophy- rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.

But instead:

Philosophy- Philosophy undertakes the task of determining the fundamental nature of human existence with thorough logical analysis. Philosophy can be broken down into four major branches.

1) A real Dictionary
2) Something people bad at english can understand.
3) Something to waste your time on.
1) Mike: Hey man, don't you hate all those people ruining the english language? Pfft, dem? dat? lol?

Jesus: Actually, No they are not ruining it. They are actually EXPANDING the English Language, modern day dictionaries are just too far behind to keep up. We should be glad our language is expanding is so many ways.

2) Superman: Ugh, I just cant understand what the god damn dictionary is saying! If I can hardly understand the language, how the fuck am I going to understand all these complex words?

Spiderman: Silly DC, the dictionary is for losers! Go to Urban Dictionary for real HUMAN examples!

3) Unknown Diety: Daaaaaaaamnnnnnnnnn , I just procrastanated and wasted like 4 hours on reading stuff on Urban Dictionary!
by I Make Defining Moments May 24, 2008
1. Site you're on right now

2. How it's spelled at the top of the page
1. Damn, now I know what a fucking Seed Satchel is!


Bob: Why the Fuck is it Spelled uRbaN DICTIONARY at the top of the page?
Rob: Site's trying to be Hip
Bob: Ain't workin'--Dogg
by .Woody.H. January 23, 2008
What? You don't know what the Urban Dictionary is? 'Tard..
You are on the Urban Dictionary... 'Tard...
by Erik Ehlert January 08, 2008
A website utilized by kids who may not be "in" with the "hip" lingo to look up words their friends made up yesterday and posted on Urban Dictionary.
Cameron: Hey Josh, you're such a 'jerapeloon.'
Kevin: Yeah, Josh.
Josh: What the heck does that mean anyway?
Cameron: You don't know what it means? Haha, you loser!
Kevin: Look it up on Urban Dictionary, you 'jerapeloon.'
by vmartinez September 01, 2007
This website genius.
What kind of person looks up urban dictionary on urban dictionary anyway?
by guest drone #89 May 27, 2007
the best dictionary in the world, it makes people write there own definitions
i love the urban dictionary it is the best
by Jessica Lee May 17, 2007
Proof that you have lived a sheltered life.
Person 1: I have no idea what that means.
Person 2: <urban dictionary link>
Person 1: Get outta my house.
by Rabbi-Sockpuppet February 27, 2007

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