n; adjetive; advert (usually used with a verb) antiquated; History not known by writer

up to a better condition; up to an acceptabel standards to better; to improve; restore to the original condition or a state closer to the original

I want my house to be brought up to snuff.
His grades must be be brought up to snuff
Her deportment is not up to snuff.
by Lloyd Winburn April 08, 2006
Top Definition
adjectival phrase. 1. appropriate; fitting; acceptable; acceptable for the occassion 2. acceptable; suitable; passing
1. Melinda thought that the tomatoes were up to snuff for making sauce, but when she got them home there was dry rot on almost all of them.

2. Rodney's mother was pleased that he finally got his math grade up to snuff.

by dwspig2 August 21, 2006
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