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"Unyu?" (うにゅ?) is Utsuho Reiuji's trademark sound, ever since she said it in the Extra Stage back story of Subterranean Animism (Touhou 11; PC game).
A: "Hey, you over there, what do you think?"

B: "Unyu?"
by redtails August 05, 2011

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"Unyu" is a word that people say when they see something cute or sweet.
A: Omg, Halvo is so unyu. He looks like a puppy!
B: AGREE. Unyunyunyunyu.
by ihavenoideawhatsmyname November 10, 2010
The way Indonesian noobs to say cute.
noob: L00k 4t th3 k0r34n b4nd on tV! th3y 4r3 v3rY unyu! <3

(Look at the Korean band on TV! They are very unyu!)
by myrdalism October 13, 2010