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1. The best Uni in sydney for engineering, so much better than university of sydney.
2. Often known by people who live nearby as "the asian University" due to its large asian contingent(not that that's necessarily a bad thing).
Inteviewer: Which Uni did you go to?
Interviewee: UNSW
Interviewer: Well, I won't even consider anyone else then, You've got the job.
Interviewee: Yay! time to go sink 20 beers and celebrate.
by Poomandow May 27, 2005
University of No Sexy Women
me: look i got 95 uai/atar, finally made it into this course (unsw has highest uais typically), now to score some pussy... lol jks no sexy women at unsw
by themysterdude August 27, 2010
The coolest University in Sydney
look at him strut, he must be going to UNSW!
by AquaGen September 16, 2003