Not nice, friendly, or pleasent. Too hard to get along with that person, mean; nasty. Especially of those with normal intelligence who are being in a state of norm.
None of them wouldn't work with her cause they claim that she was too unnice.
by aaronwcoryman October 15, 2007
Top Definition
A made-up word that a mentally-challenged and phenomenally maladjusted young man on Yahoo Answers likes to throw around.

Usually accompanied by his other nonsense words, such as "mainstreamphobia" or "normo" which he uses to describe people with normal intelligence whom he antagonizes.
You're a normo and unnice because you told me that I'm mean after I told you to go fuck your mom!!!!
by don_tardo April 17, 2009
1. Not nice, not friendly or kind.
2. Uncaring, Unpleasent
3. Mean, rude, or nasty; usually based on fear; something that is not in the norm; different.
Normal people are not nice, they are unnice.
by dl1988 June 17, 2008
1. Not nice, not friendly, kind, or pleasant; socially unacceptable, epspecially towards the disadvantage people; normal people
2.Unpleasant, Inhumane
These people gotta be unnice. This whole normal world is not so nice at all, the normal people are not so nice either.
by dl1988 June 29, 2008
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