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Unit 5, a group in the We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution program, deals with the Bill of Rights and Case Law. They are BY FAR the smartest Unit, and the most desired to be a part of overall. They are also the most respected, and frequently asked questions by other units, because they are so smart.
Man, it sucks being in Unit 1/2/3/4/6, I really wish I was smart enough to be in Unit 5.

Unit 5 is so fucking incredible, I can't believe it.
by anonymous1605 February 16, 2011
A term to use as your word if u are the person at the board in a game of hangman. Do this to piss off everyone else who's playing the game.
Class: Okay, we give up. What was your word?
Person at the board: Unit 5
Class: what the hell is unit 5?
by Nicky Jones December 09, 2007
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