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A fictional animal...a mix between a nessie, or loch ness monster and unicorn. It looks like a sea monster with a unicorn horn!
When traveling to a new world, you may experience an encounter with a uninessie in a large lake.
by Uninessielover June 20, 2007
a uninessie is a mystical creature that lives in loch ness. uninessie's mother is the loch ness monster, commonly known as nessie. It's father is, obviously, a unicorn, and a mixture of the names creates the name uninessie.
it is usually a purple color, and looks like a sea snake/monster with a unicorn horn on its head.
Here, on your left is Loch Ness, where the uninessie dwells with its mother, Nessie, and its father is over there on the hillside.
by Zoe =) January 13, 2008