a man only having one testicle
Stevie K has is a uniball because he only has one testicle
by mogger05 December 22, 2004
to hit someone so hard in the nuts that their testicles fuse together into one. essentially its a really hard sackwhack
if u dont shut up im going to uniball you
by herpderp123 August 24, 2010
A pen making company
I have a uniball pen, and my friend thought the pen only had one ball
by duhhh June 21, 2004
1.A person with one ball.
he is a Uni-Ball.
by Copyright © November 27, 2001
An odd attraction in the form of a online game that draws out all nerds, geeks and people who generally don't shower.
I'd rather clean out the crabs from my pussy with a rake than to play another second of Uniball.
by NickW June 10, 2004
two balls that have been fused together into one
You touch her again i will fuse your balls into one big Uni-ball
by milos44556677 July 01, 2014
A person with only one testicle.
Wow that kid is a uni-ball or, suck my uni-ball
by irock1336 September 30, 2009

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