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1. The name of the new Sonata Arctica album

2. Universal Negro Improvement Association
Guy#1: "Have you heard the new Sonata album?"
Guy#2: "Yeah, Unia, I didn't like it at first but I realised it owns, they can't keep doing the same stuff over and over and I think it's a good change, it also means Dreams in English ^^"

Sonata fan: "Have you heard Unia yet?"
Guy#3: "Universal Negro Improvement Association?"
Sonata fan: "O_O"
by craigistkrieg June 01, 2007
Sonata Arctica album released spring 2007. The poorest effort this band has made to date.
"have you heard the new sonata album?"
"what? they haven't had a new album in 3 years"
"we're talking about sonata arctica right?"
by Johnt_1788 April 27, 2007
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