In South Korea, This means 운지(ungee). and ungee means "Falling" or "Suicide" or "Epic Fail" or "Bungee Jumping without cord" or "Kamikaze". It become famous on the korean websites and korean online pc gaming because of 90's Korean TV commercial "운지천CF(UnGeeChon TV commercial)" and internet parodies of ROK's 16th president Roh Moo-hyun.
(with acting of commiting sucide)Ungee!
(with sucidal action)Ungee!
by 4thisyourangkke January 25, 2012
Top Definition
the social situation in which you find it impossible to remove your own wedgie.

An almost permanent wedgie
I was in such an ungee yesterday whilst in the queue at sainsbury's, i had to leave to avoid embarrassment.
by Petricia and Morticia May 19, 2008

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