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A gesture involving air quotes performed in an underhanded fashion used to covertly suggest sexual innuendos in a normal conversation.

In more relaxed environments, but not enough so to use phrases such as "that's what she said," the audible underquote can be put into play. It consists of a grander underquoting motion coupled with the words, "Oh yeah!"

Origin: Though the true origin is unknown, the gesture was quickly adopted by Virginia Tech's Marching Virginian's saxophone section in the fall of 2007. It later spread to college students at CalPoly and UCSD. From there on, knowledge of the underquote has spread throughout the country.

Future: The goal of the underquote is to spread its geniusness like wildfire. When introducing newcomers to the idea of the underquote, veterans must state it as an "unstoppable juggernaut of humor." Side quests include putting the underquote on national television and having a politician use it at some point.
Sally: Good morning everyone, this presentation is about the new standards in wood length.
Jeff: *underquote*

Steve: It's pouring outside. I was extremely wet even before reaching around Patrick's flat.
Jeff: "Ooohhh yeahhhh!" *underquote*
Steve: Nasty bastard.
by 881 August 03, 2008
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