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Jerry Seinfeld's somewhat eccentric and annoying uncle in the hit TV series "Seinfeld."
Uncle Leo, to Jerry: "Are you ashamed of your Uncle Leo?"
by DirkD January 20, 2007
Law enforcement. From the common abbreviation "LE", and inspired by the name of the Seinfeld character.
"Watch your speed on Route 9, Uncle Leo is all over it tonight."
by Blather July 02, 2009
Like the Dirty Sanchez but you are taking a girl from behind and stick two fingers in her butt, reach around and swipe eyebrows on her face, slap her on the arse and say "Hello Jerry! You don't write, you don't call"
She was a huge Seinfeld fan but not after I gave her the Uncle Leo
by Frankeroo October 28, 2010
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