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NOUN: a loud midget that yells like a SBL boy at my basketball games and is like TRROW DEE BALL!! (urge of every word)and also like HAANDS APP!!

ADJECTIVE: like Darwin bulls

NOUN: Yo bulls! I'm gonna go with Darwinism to the basketball game where he will be MAD DARWINISM and auntie lolet is like I HABE TO BRABE DE ESTORM! and darwin is like no TU umbrellllla we GO TOgeter MOM

ADJECTIVE: OMGosh THAT IS SO DARWINISM! (the bulls that like i am de auntie lolet olet and like omgosh i am having a wallet in my pants and a foot long leg with chuby salty brown toes and i'm pressing my salty brown lips with it spurting out and i am like ew pishbulls oil!)
Umm..Darwin Boy with the midget face!
by BoyBee March 18, 2005
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