In the USA, to be un-American is to be intelligent, rational, not wishing to own a deadly weapon, tolerant of other cultures and religions, not rationalising everything on "well Jesus said this", supportive of fair taxes, against needless wars, having a healthy lifestyle, not be overly loud and brash, and generally a nice person. An example of this person is Barack Obama.

This is the exact opposite of what it is to be an "American", for example the other 99% of the population.

In Europe, to be un-American is to be the type of tourist we would like to visit and the type of country we would like as an ally.
American person: "Look at that liberal, he wants fair taxes, people not to have guns and he doesnt even go to church every sunday, he's so un-American"
by Kiki2012 November 23, 2010
Top Definition
Used to be when you opposed the basic philosophies of the United States, now it is supposedly anyone who challenges Bush and his squad of idiots.
It's UnAmerican to question the PRESIDENT! WHAAAA!!!
by The Last Great American Liberal August 23, 2003
opposite of above definition.
you support the president? that's severely unamerican!
by E Killer a.k.a. e killa March 18, 2005
Anything done with thought or reason.
Man 1 - Hey how about we come up with a reason to go to war.
Man 2 - Yeah that's cool, I love being Un-American.
by Alex Matheson June 11, 2007
a pejorative way of describing something that violates U.S. civil liberties, implies treason
Some people though that the laws that would allow the goverment access to phone calls were Un-American.
by Light Joker February 07, 2007
contrary to values (often conservative) that the speaker purports to be shared by the people of the United States of America.
We should take all those un-american war protestors and drop them out of an airplane onto Saddam Hussein's palace.
by Scott Reed April 03, 2004
Doing something that isn't "justified", or without reason.
RK's actions to disallow a certain smiley on his boards because of his personal opinions is Un-American.
by Jason Jensen April 06, 2008
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