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Rumoured to be of existance, they surpass the super bro

Rarely seen in the same group, if 3 or more ultra bro's are within the same 1km radius, ground shakes, it rains tobacco & WRX parts

Ultra bro's can deflect bro explosion attack by returning masses of stupid results, only the 4 unit maths students have chance to defeat them by launching conics and calculus equations

They have an amazing dozen word vocabulary, have an amazing concetration span of 15 minutes

The existance of ultra bro's is evident, as destroyed letter boxes with sticks as a signiture of ultra bro's in the area
standard nerd: 2x + 3x = 5x
standard bro: *bro explosion*
standard nerd: *explode*
4 unit student: (p*(1-x/(b-a))+(q*(1-k)^2+p*(1-(1-k)^2) )*x/(b-a),
ultra bro: *explosion*
by LaRgO December 02, 2004
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