When someone does a sit-up with there eyes closed, when they come up, you pull your pants down and let there face go into your bare ass. if this is a girl, turn around and make her suck your dick
Dude you had to be there, i made Janet do and 20 ultimate sit-ups. It was awesome
by ajs95427 October 10, 2009
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To tell one of your friends to try and do the hardest sit up. Place a towel over there eyes and hold it tight to the ground. While there struggling to get up have another person pull down there pants exposing there ass. The ass will be over the person doing the sit-up's face. Pull the towel away and the sit-up persons face should shoot up straight into the buthole of the person.
Imm finna call Jerry up and have him do the ultimate sit-up. Make sure you dont whipe your ass.
by Joey Anrom November 17, 2007
A prank. The victim is challenged to a feat of strength. Once he accepts, he lies down on his back between two other people, they all link arms, and the middle person must do as many situps as he can, lifting the dead weight of the other two people.

When he has done as many as he can, and is exhausted, a fourth person runs over and sits on the victim's face while the other two hold him down.
"Damnit, I've got crack hair in my teeth... I should have known ultimate situps aren't real."
by Diarmaid June 30, 2006
When you get a person to do a blinded folded sit-up and then when they've become use to it and they trust that your not going to do anthting, you pull down your pants and when they come up, but you ass is their face.
Dude, we totaly make Ashely do a ultimate sit-up at the beach yerturday!
by Steeze-Unit October 29, 2009

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